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Memoir writing – be it book, blog, essay, or legacy for the family – can be daunting. That might be because you’re stumped as to how to start. Or perhaps you don’t know where would be a fitting point to stop. Maybe the thing that’s always prevented you from writing your story, or a part of it, is you’re afraid of exposing yourself or of upsetting other people. That can be paralysing, but there are always solutions. In this three-hour workshop, journalist Jenny Valentish trouble-shoots the concerns you may have. You’ll go deep into structure – prologues, introductions, beginnings of chapters, ends of chapters, foreshadowing and bookending – and explore themes as motifs and the integration of research. We will also take a harm-minimisation approach to both writing about yourself and other people, examining ways to portray difficult people with fairness and humour. Suitable for all levels of writing experience.

Previous clients include The Monthly magazine; Catherine Deveny's Gunnas writers' groups (four times and counting!), Ballarat Writers, Bendigo Writers Festival and Avid Reader. 

Please note: my flat rate is $700 for less than 20 participants, and $1000 for more than 20, plus travel expenses - though I have given this workshop very successfully via Zoom. I'm quite happy to deliver the workshop to one person, but it's customary to book me for your writers' group or organisation, charging a reasonable ticket price if you wish. 


“Thanks for the excellent workshop on Thursday. I came away from the workshop with lots of new ideas and ways to improve my writing, which you delivered in a thoughtful and engaging way. The diagram about the Ordinary/Special Worlds is a great structure for the coming out experience. That, and many other things discussed, had so much resonance.” – Peter, Bendigo Writers Festival participant.

"I have never been brave enough to do something like this workshop. When I saw Jenny was going to be there I knew that the two combined opportunities (writing and Jenny’s experience) could not be missed. I signed up feeling brave and nearly did not attend. However, I am so glad I did - I gained so much from Jenny’s reflections and suggestions." – Gunnas participant

"Loved the workshop. It was the kick up the bum I needed." – Gunnas participant