Press Conference

Media training

If you've got an album or book coming out, or you've got a client who has, I offer media training to fully prepare someone for the press cycle.

The music media landscape in particular has changed so dramatically to what is largely a 'pay to play' model. If you're not willing to pay for editorial, it becomes so much more important to think outside the box when pitching your own story, to come up with something that's impossible for journalists and editors to ignore. 

I draw on my experience as a former music PR (four years), a journalist (25 years) and as somebody who has written books themselves that have elicited very personal questions from the media.

A session might include:

  • Identifying main talking points.

  • Singling out scenes that are rich in visual details.

  • Condensing biographical points into quote-worthy phrases.

  • What to expect from different media platforms and outlets.

  • How to proactively offer content.

  • What to include and avoid in a press release.

  • An overview of types of media outlets.

  • Pulling out of a nosedive and post-interview damage control.

  • Workshopping of hairy questions.

  • A Q&A, as if in an actual media interview, with analysis.

A one-hour individual session costs $300 and is conducted online.

Alternatively, I have a workshop I can deliver to AOD and mental health services that have peers who might like to talk to the media and who need to be particularly careful when sharing personal elements of their story. Previous clients include SMART Recovery and Unharm. This longer workshop lasts up to three hours and costs $600.


"Jenny’s wealth of experience shone through as she provided participants with her unique insight into the media. Ultimately, she shed light on how artists could utilise the media to their advantage and in turn, create further opportunities for themselves."
– Mel Krause, Development Manager, The Push

"The media training Jenny provided for my artist was extremely beneficial and made a massive difference in my artist’s ability to engage with media in a relaxed and personable manner."
– Nate Flagrant, Flagrant Artist Management