Signed copy of Woman of Substances: A Journey Into Addiction and Treatment

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Woman of Substances takes a gendered look at addiction, with a particular interest in the drivers of addictive behaviour, such as temperament, impulsivity and childhood adversity. The Guardian called it "A startling and thorough investigation into the relationship between gender, trauma and addiction, and the women who fall through the gaps." Bookseller & Publisher said: “Employing expert interviews and research, each rich personal episode is contextualised within the under-examined issue of women’s substance abuse. Detailed, insightful and told with a feature writer’s narrative flair.” The Australian said: “Part monograph, part memoir, part Ginsbergian howl of outrage at a culture in which gender bias is a tenet. It is a work of compellingly articulate anger.” And Goodreads reviewers – 283 of 'em – scored it an average of 4.11/5.

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