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Once a week on Sunday mornings, a writers group of six people meets up on Zoom for an hour to share their memoir material, fiction or non-fiction, including essays, articles and books-in-progress, of up to 1000 words each week.

Whether you’re only just starting to scratch out ideas or have 200,000 words on a floppy disc in a drawer that has, since 1989, been giving you a nervous breakdown at the very thought of its existence, the group will provide constructive feedback, led by Jenny. You are also free to use this time to ask questions about the publishing process or where you might get smaller excerpts accepted. A separate WhatsApp chat for the group is a place to air your thoughts, writing opportunities and share material in advance of the Sunday sessions.

Session Costs

$50 per week for the Sunday Zoom group, plus private, marked-up feedback from Jenny on your piece, which can be up to 1000 words. 
Total: $300 payable up front.


"Jenny’s memoir writing group has been such a support for me. It is the first writer’s group I have taken part in and so I was a bit nervous about sharing my work. The feedback has been very useful, and being part of something bigger than just me at my laptop has been energising. I am loving reading the work of other writers and am learning to offer constructive criticism to them. All this has helped me a lot with my own writing. Jenny is an expert group leader, with a relaxed yet knowledgeable and generous approach."

Seana Smith


"I really loved the way Jenny ran our group. We were such a mixed bag, but we were able to find common ground very quickly within her structure. If we wandered off Jenny very carefully and kindly brought us back on task every time. I felt accomplished after every session."

Nicole Cleary

Six-Week Writers Group

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