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These sessions can be invaluable for both authors and journalists. Here are some real-life examples of my one-to-one Zoom coaching from the past year.

  • Established journalist, feeling stuck writing for the same few publications, books a session to brainstorm their latest ideas and talk about new homes for their stories.

  • Content writer, wanting to branch out into feature writing, books a session on how to shape pitches.

  • Self-published author books a session to discuss which of their books-in-progress might best suit a traditional publisher.

  • First-time author, floundering with an unwieldy manuscript, books a session to nut out the structure.

Session Cost

$100 for one hour. 

If reading is required, there is an additional cost of  $50 for up to 3000 words.


"Jenny has been a breath of fresh air as she has been mentoring me in the literature world. Not having written a book before, and happy to declare that I’m all thumbs, I so appreciate that Jenny has been patient and supportive beyond measure. I feel much more confident approaching this huge task with someone so proficient and attentive."

Lou Ridsdale, Food is Free.


From time to time we all need a bit of help

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